Service LifeEdit

Family LifeEdit

While in Raheta service, he married in 1983 in Dhaka. His wife Mrs Afroza Khanam, D/o Mr Asaduzzaman, Headmaster of the Munshigonj Academy who did her Hons. & Masters degree from the Dhaka University. Mr. Haider is blessed with one son and two daughters.

Business LifeEdit

He started his business life from 1982 when he was employee of Rabita. He jointly started a supply business with one of his friends named Mr Altaf. Afterwards he hired a shop in Kalyanpur.

With loans provided by Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Mr. Haider made a Group with Mr. Firoz, Mr. Rezzaqul, Mr. BiIlah and started garments business. The three started their business which was named as the Youth Group [YG] in 1985 was at 29 Air Port Road. 

As the size of the YG was small it was difficult to secure orders from the big parties. It is therefore, YG was looking for subcontract from some big suppliers. The first of the subcontracts was had from Mr Musa, proprietor of the Bon Garments [BG]. Seeing satisfactory transaction, BG offered the YG or the first time a L/C facility of $25 000. YG thus entered in the export market and earned substantial confidence. Mr. Raider thus with greater courage wanted to expand the group to supplement their own resources, Mr Raider of YG planned to approach the IBBL for an investment facility of Tk 11 lac. IBBL without mortgage refused to extend the facility. But none of the four partners at that time had any urban land to offer to the IBEL as mortgage.  It could be remembered at some point that Razzaqul’s brother-law Mr Nur Safa at that time stayed in Dhanmondi and he had some urban land. All the four partners then went to him and requested Mr Nur Safa to become their partners and to offer his land as mortgage to manage an investment facility of tk 11 lac. from the IBBL Mr Nur Safa gladly gave the land documents to offer as mortgage but he refused to become one of the partners of the YG. That was how; YG expanded its business with IBBL’s investment facility of tk 11 lac. Thus, larger number of machinery and workforce could be arranged which enabled the YG to have bigger exports.  YG was then desperately looking for reliable foreign buyers.

A Korean company known as Kion Trading Co. Ltd. [KTCL] appeared as the first direct foreign buyer from the YG. Since then till writing this report, Mr. Raider and their YG, was continuously expanding the volume of both production and exports without a major failure. 

In 1984, YG established Dewan Garments in Fatullah and also in the same year bought Chowdhury Apparels (Pvt) Limited. In 1985, YG set up Panorama Printers which afterwards with the assistance & advice of the KTCL converted into Kion Trading & Packaging Industry in 1986. As there was no such industry in the country then this unit was making very satisfactory business with monopoly. In 1988, Mr. Haider’s YG managed to buy the South East Fabrics [SEE] that was located in Tangail. With aggressive efforts, the SEF was converted into 100% export oriented Towel Factory. Three years after in 1991, YG purchased the Kanchpur, Sonapur,Narayangonj Impact Thread Ltd which was exporting its 100% threads outside the country. Two years after in 1993, YG was able to buy three more industrial units; [i] the Unicom Textile Mills Limited; [ii] Dewan Apperals and the [iii] Youth Fashions limited. In the same year [1993], YG set up a buying house under the style Fair Deal Enterprise. In the year following [1994], YG bought a piece of land in Sewrapara and succeeded in building its own 10-storied building known as the Youth Tower in which the Group Head Office and gradually other units of the Group were transferred. All the units of the YG since 1996 have been engaging in 100% export business. YG succeeded in exporting goods to the tune of tk. 145 crore in the financial year 1999-2000. 

In 1998, YG set up the Global Beverage Company Limited [GBCL], the factory of which is located in Gazipur. The GBCL was developed in collaboration with the Virgin Group of the U K- the later allowing the former in producing & marketing four types of drinks in the local market, Virgin Cola, Virgin Orange, Virgin Lemon and Virgin Diet, YG since 1999, has been marketing these brands of beverages in the local market. YG is planning to make further access to a number of sectors like: food, medicine and mediaand the like.[1]