It is the University of Dhaka where the organization of Shibir itself has started its journey. Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir was established on 6 February 1977 at the Central Mosque of the University. The first president of the University of Dhaka branch was ATM Azharul Islam with Abdul Qader Bachchu as his secretary.

Presidents and Secretaries of University of Dhaka
No. Session President Secretary
1 1977 ATM Azharul Islam Abdul Qader Bachchu
2 1978 (June) Abul Kashem Haider ATM Azharul Islam
3 1978-1979 Abdul Qader Bachchu Nazrul Islam Khadem
4 1979-1980 Abdul Qader Bachchu Ashek Ahmed Jebal
5 1980-1981 Ashek Ahmed Jebal Sultan Ahmed
6 1981-1982 Ashek Ahmed Jebal

Sultan Ahmed (Partial)

Zakir Hossain (Partial)

7 1982-1983 ABM Abdus Sattar Md. Mohiuddin
8 1983-1984 ABM Abdus Sattar Mujibur Rahman
9 1984-1985 Mujibur Rahman Abul Hossain
10 1985-1986 Mujibur Rahman Bani Amin
11 1986-1987 Mujibur Rahman Bani Amin
12 1987-1988 Mujibur Rahman

Md. Rasheduzzaman (Partial)

Shafiqul Alam Helal (Partial)

2016-2017 Atiqur Rahman

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